19 [M4A] Sissies and girls: through pills or magic, I'm turning you into my long term bimbo slut.

Even if this post is old, as long as you message me with more than three words I will reply to youYou can be a friend of mine, my brother or sister, my teacher... Roles are very versatile, we can decide them based on your and my fantasies. The main idea though is that I am going to be turning whoever you are into my dumb, horny, busty bimbo. I can either use a magic spellbook I found, or special pills I managed to get my hands on... But you will be turning into a toy who just craves to pleasure me. Of course, since I do love hentai, the book can turn you into whoever we'd like, as long as you have reference pictures ;)When it comes to kinks, I can be very versatile, so feel free to tell me all your tastes, and I'll see which ones I can accomodate! I'd expect the same from you, of course. Also, if you're into worshiping Daddy's feet... Say so from the start, that's a big bonus!One thing I feel like is important to say: if you want to message me, play a little, cum and never show up again, don't. I'm only looking for long term. Best scenario would be to the extent where you change your profile picture and name to your bimbo ones, although it's absolutely not needed. I can, and will commit to this. No disappearing after one day crap.So, if any of this turns you on (maybe you're that sissy who always craved for a fantasy like this, to turn into Daddy's little bimbo), you can go ahead and text me. Possibly saying more than "Hi", thank you. If you have anything you'd like to change about all that, go ahead and write me about it, always on Kik. See you there!My username is: mattBig98 via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2qRYu7r

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