19 [M4F] VA/Anywhere - Looking for anything

So that might be not one of my most descriptive titles but that’s ok, I’ll elaborate. So I’m not really looking for anything specific really. I’ve had posts where I was looking very specifically for sex but as of late I’m quite literally down for anything. I’d be open to a friend, a romance, anything.So for anyone even slightly interested I’ll give some details about me. I’m what is probably the most common type of guy found on here. I like anime, hentai, video games, and wasting time on YouTube. Not really something that stands out in this day and age but that’s what I like. As for specifics I guess I would say my favorite anime is the English dub of Baka and Test. That show holds a special place in my heart. I also read Shonen Jump manga like a machine. I’m fascinated with the idea of a good console version of Jump Ultimate Stars since J-Stars was kind of a letdown. I also listen avidly to anime music. I have a really long playlist of songs that I manage. For hentai I have a huge stash of doujinshi hidden away online that would probably make anyone think I’m crazy. For video games I’d like to think I play it all. My favorite games are all mostly Nintendo games like Kirby Super Star Ultra and Pokémon LeafGreen but I also enjoy the Souls games, Overwatch, a bunch of anime fighting games, and Persona.Now to discuss my physical appearance. I’m Hispanic so my skin is what I would call a caramel color in most places. I’m reasonably tall I guess. Last I checked I was 5’ 10” or so. I would call myself chubby but I’ve been trying to lose it all. Which i know is a very generic thing to say. As for my face, I’ve been told I look cute and I’ve also been told I look like I could be Drake’s cousin. I don’t really know if I agree with either but them’s the facts. I guess that really covers everything. I don’t really mind where we chat but I do tend to respond less frequently on Reddit due to the nature of this account. Also I’d appreciate it if we could verify each other’s gender/appearance early on. I have had experiences that I think require me to do this now. Well I don’t expect much but I look forward to any and all replies I get! Feel free to respond anytime! via /r/r4r https://ift.tt/2qkjXVt

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