[21/f] My ex boyfriend [24/m] has been acting troublesome since I left him.

My ex boyfriend used to live with me. When we were together, he would often try to manipulate me and he'd throw tantrums if I hung out with my friends. He also used to love to decide my worth, and no matter what, I was always the one who was wrong somehow. Needless to say, I left him for another man and he moved back in with his parents.He is an active member of the "weeaboo" community on Facebook (which is a community of active anime and hentai lovers). Since he's moved back home, he's been completely different. He's the kind of person who starts acting almost exactly like whoever he hangs out with. And, frankly, he's been spending a lot of time around people who are super raunchy. In the time I've spent away from him, I've become close friends with one of his real life friends. His friend has been mentioning that he's noticed anon acting more disgusting and raunchy, as well as pretty racist. To put the icing on the cake, he's started dating one of the people from the new friend group.This is where things get really weird and uncomfortable. The girl he's going out with is a 17 year old girl. She is from Israel, and their age of consent is different from ours (16). But not only is she really young, she is also a constant poster of hentai and makes blatant racist comments. He seems to encourage her perverted behavior, even though she constantly flirts with other people right in front of him on her posts. Recently, his friend and I noticed that she posted something about sending used underwear to anyone who sends her money on paypal.I've talked to his IRL friend about this, trying to encourage him and others to talk anon out of this. I still care about him, and I hate watching him act like this. I've since blocked myself from seeing anything he or the girl posts. But I'm still struggling with it. It's been about a year, and I'm still so angry with him. I am having so much trouble letting it go. Seeing him act like this utter embarrassment makes me even angrier. I feel like I used to be his mommy figure when I was his girlfriend, and now that he lacks that, he's acting completely out of line.What should I do? How do I cope with this? I'm trying to block myself from seeing/thinking about him but I am often reminded of his awfulness. I really need to let it go but I just feel like I can't.TL;DR My ex has been acting perverted, racist, and is dating an underage girl. I am still angry about the way he treated me, and his behavior now is making me even angrier. I'm trying to block him out of my life but I am having trouble coping. What should I do? via /r/relationship_advice https://ift.tt/2H54yng

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