A sad, Strong, will powered story please read :)

This may :trigger: Or it may help you out there :) So please read it all :)Hi thereA little bit about me Im 22 years old, 6.16 feet tall. And quit a heavy guy (muscle) On the out look: a smart, strong guy...... bla bla bla im diagnosed with ADD and with that comes anxiety...Now i have been waching porn since i was.. well 11 years old. Just normel stuff at the statAnd most normal porn would not do it for me any more so i stated waching all kind of diffrent categories (I have allways had an fetish about hentai).A little story. My best freind one i call my brother. we even lived together for years. His niece was raped by one of his family member (his stepdad). If it was not because the police caught him first, I would have found him and knocked him half dead. I hate pedofiles, i hate what he did. And it had ¤%&% my mind becaues i rally cared for him (before he did what he did).Fast forward some months i did still watch Hentai and other porn (group, normal, and some weird shit (who does not) The thing is about 4 month ago (just before i stoped wathing porn) I came across a intetnet side with cartoon porn (just like reading cartoon magazines): nothing new. (i am usually on 4chan in the evning so im used to see some creppy shit..now and then. What i wached was mostly (95%) adult stuff. But some off the stuff on that side was comic like (ben 10, family guy, loli and all kind of shit) the thing is i have still watched some of it. I was on the site off and on the site for an month. Its a legal site you can literally google comic porn and the sites is there.Now i can not get it out of my head my thought goes like "you have seen CP porn" and then i ruminate for hours on end of what i have seen. I have never wathced real CP at all and i never would!!Now after 4 months the thoughts are still bad as hell Im seeing a psychologist next week, so i can learn how to forgive My self and lean how to controle the thougts. maby even gets some medicationAfter quiting porn some good things have happen. things like my sex drive has come back :) I'm even going on a date with my dream woman next week. :DDo any of you amazing motivating guys, have a tip or trick to stop the thougts. Or have been in my situation?Anyway its good to get of my chest..Best regards Josan11 :) via /r/pornfree https://ift.tt/2J51fJn

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