Addicted to Hentai/ahegao/masturbation

Assalamu AlaykumI used to masturbate so much a few years ago, I would always tell myself, "Ill stop tomorrow" over and over and over again. I never did. I am only 13 years old. I watched porn with it and was addicted. I found out what Hentai was, and was completely hooked. I couldn't stop watching it. Every fantasy I imagined, there was a video for it with Hentai. I eventually stopped masturbating, but continued to look at hentai, and then that caused me to masturbate. I'd stop masturbating for months at a time, and then suddenly give in. Now, I've stopped watching hentai, but am into pictures of ahegao. If you don't know what that is, ahegao, generally speaking, is an expression which shows a picture of an anime girl with an expression of a lot of euphoria and usually combines rolled up eyes with an open, panting mouth usually containing semen in or on it. There are many diverse variations of this, but that's pretty much the core of it, it is pictures of anime girls having an orgasm, there is no explicit content, just their faces, showing their expression during an orgasm. I know this sounds disgusting, but I look at them. A lot. Doing so eventually leads me to hentai, and then it makes me masturbate. Now, all I have to do is look at ahegao, and it will make me ejaculate. I don't think this is normal. It is hard to stop ahegao, because people put it as their profile pictures for multiple different platforms (YouTube, Steam, Instagram, etc.) I want help. I need help. I want Allah to forgive me, and to help me through this. I want more self-control. I don't want to be a slave of Shaytan. I want to free myself from these shackles I've put myself in. There are 6 main questions, 1. How can I stop Hentai completely? 2. How can I get Allah to forgive me? 3. How can I have more self-control? 4. How can I completely put a stop to masturbation? 5. And the biggest problem, how can I quit looking at ahegao?Thank you for your time, and if you could please answer these questions, I would highly appreciate it. via /r/MuslimNoFap

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