am i the only one here who most of the time checks anime if i like its cover?

i have never discussed this with other people than my friends. i felt what i am doing is normal until i have talk with internet people. they think i am crazy for check anime only by its cover or trailer. i am posting here just to be sure there is at least one or two who does same as me. am i crazy?i mean if it works for me why change it? you could say there are anime that happen to have boring cover and still be good anime. I agree , but for me it is not worth it. my taste is shit. i only like very very few anime.i dont like most popular anime, and even the classic ones. i am trying to justify that checking 33 anime every season to see if it is good or not is insane. i have tried it. back when i started watching subbed anime. only one or maybe none of these please me most of the time. i dont trust rankings or ratings of mal and other sites because my taste is not like most people.i was suprised people being worked up over my decisions in watching anime. everyone i talk to, even those who like me, think my method is stupid.edit: it is the same with hentai too. via /r/anime

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