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Does anyone know of "The Black Bible"?Now, please don't refer to porn/hentai and or the devil's book. Don't bother searching google as you won't find anything about it. It is understandable to confuse the black bible to it's, I would say, sister, the Devil's book but it is very different.One may also think that I'm referring to the anime series, Death Note but alas, I am not. It is rather a guide. A big book of guides. Kinda like the notebook of the father of Sam and Dean Winchester in the series, Supernatural.This book is rather special though. Like Death Note, it can only be read by one person at a time. The person that is given this gift and curse can show the book to anyone of their preference but they'll only see either blank pages, and or what they want to see.It's rather complicated to describe as to my post.Does anyone else know of this book?I'll give my post 2 weeks and then delete it. Hopefully I can find some answers as to why I've been chosen to read it for a while.PS: I know I may not make sense to most of you (Hell, I may even sound as crazy to some) but my hopes are to know someone with a similar situation. via /r/ParanormalPH

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