Anime Matsuri 2018 review

I have been a volunteer and a guest at AM for a long time and this is one of the most far out worst year I've ever seen. For my experience with Exhibit Hall, Concert, Shows, Cafe/Butler, and etc. One thing I want to point is also the copyright and trademark of the con.Exhibit Hall was the main focus of buying and seeing great merch but I can tell that they have inexperience staff and volunteers. Let start off with Artist Alley, I found out that many of them were selling items they made without the consent of the original owner. Few told me that they can make it because they don't make over an X amount of profit. As for the Reactor sector, I high doubt they ask permission from the creator to wrap their car to look like an anime character. AM is making profit with all those copyright and trademark merch yet no one has no clue. On their official AM facebook a shared post,, had many saying it wrong yet AM has a lot of those but still have them selling and showcasing it. Staff doesn't know anything about copyright and trademark. they just letting them sell them because they made them. Even so, I highly doubt that original getting profit for artists making their work. Which original owner worked so hard to get where they are.Eva was one of the worst part day 0 had a huge line and yet no one was allowed in due to some rain issue. Partly it was true but the main reason was because all the merch was damaged and had to be assess. Which was delayed. If you ever visit Eva merch was limited. You can blame that on poor management.On the Maid and Butler Cafe, some smart person decided to make a new rule that cafe should only be allowed for couple only. You can only purchase tickets in pair. So anyone who likes Cafe aren't allowed in unless to find someone who has the same interest, which in my case my friends hate cafe. Most importantly prize are given to couple and the cafe which someone bright idea would be good for couple even though you went with a friend. As you can tell this idea come from someone who is married and thinking that their spouse like the same thing as they do. To them they that that's how Japan does it. Really now? How many cafe did they go to in Japan?The concert itself has few great show and few bad. Let start off with the DJ. It was the pretty amazing and song were great. As for the singer, OMG, one of them was just horrible. How in the world did they even get on show without even auditioning? Honey Popcorn song were great but I found out from their first song they tried to sing was all Lip sync. Of the plan to lip sync at least try to use a real mic instead of having someone handing you one after you finish sing your song. They made it so obvious. It seem that they don't even have an MC for their show which seem as if they don't have much volunteers.We all know that when we volunteers we are given a job to do for free. AM has the worst staff and volunteers coordination ever. Let start off with information booth. I ask a "Staff member" where was ....." he response was go online and download the app. it has all the info on there. Apparently, no one told him that not everyone has phone with lots of data. Staff that they has in place do not has any experience running a con or know how it work. They all look at it as if its a business type rather than an amusement park. It a joke to see that that CEO has no clue about running a huge con. He's better off running a small one instead.Show itself was just as bad. Music wasn't sync with Cosplay. Fashion was just volunteers they desperately needed. Overall nothing good this year.HentaiFest was something everyone was looking forward to. When people were told they need a ticket, we were surprised. Where was the information posted about tickets? It wasn't even mention once on AM facebook. The problem with this is no one was told to get a ticket. This show you how unorganized AM is. Everything is given at last minute. Not even volunteers knew about this only those running Hfest. Not only was it limited people were packed into a hot room. They have a huge theater room but yet they had to use a ticket system. This is pretty much running by someone with no knowledge of how Hfest was last year. They only heard what other told them.Panelist this is a huge joke, It just nothing more random, no name, person talking about that type of anime. Whoever was in charge of programming really did a poor job. They don't even know that a panel was cancelled yet they had a Nazi running the show. Volunteer kicked him out but don't have a protocol if someone is causing problems. Clear you don't really need someone running program because nothing run on time. Program job is to make sure everything run according to the time not late. This show you that Denise, Vietnamese, run everything late just like how most Vietnamese runs it, one hour late,Staff is something to be proud of when you take in that role (non-paid). What I found out is that every staff that were their was given more than one role because they have lack of staff. Not only that they also have lack of volunteers running this year. Every single volunteer was scattered all over the place to cover certain areas. Even though they have about 500 volunteers. Even with that much, you can run the con with just half of them.Overall, this has been nothing more than a joke to me. Anime Matsuri is just for the money and not the experience of Anime lovers. As you can see price of AM went up to $80 yet you have no clue what they have. It might be something crappy of good. So if you plan to buy your tickets early, its a gamble. With that kind of price they better have a lot of A list celebrities coming. That price is crazy. via /r/animematsuri

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