Any success stories with ED here?

I was addicted to hentai. This is my second trial to nofap. My first failed after 20 days because of edging. This time I'm on my 15th day. I quit Facebook stopped watching movies, YouTube and any 2D persons. Only Reddit on my mobile, started going to gym although I really hate it for no reason at all. I had never been with a girl. Recently, When I tried I couldn't do it. I wasn't aroused and didn't get an erection. Now I have a great urge to watch Hentai or any porn. The strange thing is that I don't think about my GF, she doesn't turn me on although she is a real babe. Only Hentai does the trick. When I relapsed, I got a really good natural erection that I didn't see for months. I need some motivation. Any success stories with hentai here? Any success stories with ED? Sorry for my bad English and my flight of ideas. via /r/NoFap

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