Anyone else have problems with stories? (Erotica)

Okay, so anyone could see I'm having a rough go of things, again. I swear I remember when I went over 120 days without PM or O and I miss those fucking days so bad. Now I'm in what I call a 'what the fuck' period. Where I sometimes can't make it an hour after swearing I'm gonna start over. AN hour, sometimes I give up after ten minutes. However, I'm going to try....again. I just really really badly want to take a break!However, my main question for you guys, if anyone reads this, is do any of you find your main problem isn't necessarily pictures or videos? Sure they are still a big problem for me, but I find my biggest problem recently, what makes me have the shakes and want to give in is revisiting or discovering new erotica or written sexual stories. It's so bad I sometimes honestly fee it may be worse than videos, because with reading and writing you can imagine something far more erotic than a porn video could produce. What's worse is that, like say hentai, crazy impossible stuff that somehow gets me off can happen inside these stories. The way people act or it's a fantasy or some weird stuff like that. Admittedly though, stories scare me the most too.I've read things that.....scare me, and I don't want to revisit them. But reading in general? Reading shit that in a porn video I'd find disgusting but find it mildly interesting in a story? I don't know what that is. And even when I am doing really good against video or picture cues or triggers I let my imagination go wild and a story I read comes to mind.Does anyone have this same issue/struggle and do you have any tips beyond the usual stuff (working out cold showers) that helped you resist this?Thanks in advance guys. via /r/NoFap

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