becoming less and less gay?

this is gonna sound ridiculous, but bare with me.i've had crushes on guys and girls since i was maybe 5 years old. at age 11 i was pretty much identifying purely as gay (although i did have some pretty big crushes on girls) and by 15 i was identifying totally as gay.i'm a pretty stereotypical gay guy personality wise, i love drag (am even interested in furthering my personal drag), love pop music like gaga and britney, use stan lingo, am very active on stan twitter et cetera. however i have a pretty deep voice, don't have 'gay voice' and generally pass as straight, i'm pretty straight presenting (if i'm not wearing a gaga tshirt lmao)however this is where my problem lies; i've been intimate with guys multiple times and have felt practically nothing. my first sexual encounter was when i was 15, i felt something but it wasn't crazy. i had a boyfriend for about 5 months last year and although we did sexual things (i tried both topping + bottoming) i couldn't stay hard, couldn't get off and was just generally wishing i was with a's been throwing me off because everything i thought i knew about myself is changing. my personality is always the same but my attraction to men is getting weaker and weaker to the point where first off i stopped being able to get off to real porn pics/videos and could only get off to hentai of guys, now i can't even get it up for that. i can only really get it up for girls??i'm scared of this fucking up my future relationships because what girl wants a dude that writes/enjoys pop music, loves drag and is the biggest britney stan ever? (although i do listen to more traditionally masculine music too, pop OWNS my heart)how can i bring back my attraction to men? i've tried every type of guy imagineable and although there are some celeb dudes i'd get with, i can't think of a single guy i'd wanna be with in reality. i also struggle to feel things romantically for i just accept that i'm not who i thought i was or can i change myself back?tldr: grew up thinking i was gay and repressing bi thoughts, straight attraction has now come out of nowhere and hit me full on via /r/askgaybros

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