Blackbeard, Terror of the Navy: Blackbeard in Basic

Hey there! I’ve been a long-time reader on this reddit but first time posting. So, my story is about a beard I met during my time in the navy about two years ago.Some context for readers: my country conscripts all males aged 18 for a two-year period and we serve either in the police, civil defence or any of the armed forces.Characters: Me – served as Chef/seaman onboard, most of the conscripts (Called NSFs) just call me ‘L’ because my appointment by the end was Leading Chef (I didn’t get this because I was super great at things, just cuz I was there the longest out of all the NSFs)YH: A junior NSF who got bullied quite badly by Blackbeard, as one of the few other NSF onboard we were pretty close. He’s pretty short as well, about 163cm-ish. (Meh, we’re Asians)Blackbeard: The titular terror of the Navy, about 175cm, slightly on the fatter side, but he insists he’s just buff. So the first time I heard about Blackbeard was through YH. He was still rather fresh from basic and was having a hard time trusting the regulars (Career sailors/officers) onboard. My Coxswain (Something like a Sergeant Major) asked me to show him the ropes and ease him in. I asked him why. That is when he told me about Blackbeard. YH had been trying to get by his two years in the navy, wasn’t trying to win awards or anything. While in basic he shared quarters Blackbeard. Now you’d think being in the navy, they’ll probably force you to shave and keep yourself clean and presentable. That was true for most, but not Blackbeard. He constantly gets the bunk in trouble because he forgets to shave, growing “strands of curly, pubic-hair like hairs on his neck and chin” Strangely, he almost always smells of piss, like he’s dick leaked a little or something.Since the military is big on the whole “All for one, one for all” culture, everyone usually suffers along with himBlackbeard was also a regular, signing up at the first opportunity because he thought he’d impress his friends and stuff. He often condescends on the conscripts, saying they’re just expendables and crap like that, saying its regulars like Blackbeard were what kept the navy going. He also claims to be experts in several martial arts so if there ever was a boarding they’d probably be better off behind him. (I doubt this because usually people like that had the CQC badge, and he never had it when I met him later on)But then he consistent sucked at physical, finish last so often they put his fat ass on remedial training. He spends most his spare time watching hentai in the bunk with the volume on.Once YH was looking through his phone when Blackbeard appeared behind him leaning casually on his metal cabinet.“Hey who’s that hot chick with you on your homescreen?”“She’s my sister.” YH replied curtly. He doesn’t like Blackbeard.“I figured, no way your scrawny ass gonna get someone like her. Bet you begged her to flash her boobs to you at some point.”Things got a little heated there and he kept on going in that vein. YH was way smaller than Blackbeard and none of the NSFs in the room were going to risk court-martial for fighting: they just wanted to SAF (Serve And Fuckoff). But Blackbeard was pissed at my friend for daring to stand up to him and decided to douche-out some more. One day before Rounds (Navy talk for daily cleanliness check) everyone was out clearing the common areas and the toilets while Blackbeard volunteer to clean the bunk. This was quite typical of him. The bunk was usually the cleanest and he’d tend to finish early and just slack around before rounds. When the pipe for Rounds started everyone got back just barely. But strangely the whole place smelt slightly of piss.The ME2 (Petty officer equivalent) came in and gave the room a smell.“What the FUCK happened here?!” He walked a bit and stopped by YH’s bed.“Did you FUCKING PEE ALL OVER YOUR OWN BED?” the ME2 carried on like that for a while.YH was pretty shocked and didn’t know what to reply. He later got his liberty suspended and wasn’t allowed to go home for quite some time. Nobody quite believed that YH lost bladder control, and what’s worse, there was pee on his sheets, his towel. Blackbeard totally went up to him and was all uncharacteristically supportive. “Hey man, this shit happens sometimes…” like what the fuck?What made it worse was that was the day they were supposed to go on liberty. Blackbeard asked YH for his sister’s number as well.After they left, YH decided to report this upwards. But the ME2 (Another regular) dismissed him and waved it off, telling him to fuck off somewhere. This carried on through the course.At the end I told him “Well, at least basic is over, c’mon the guys onboard this ship are great. I mean, I extended service ‘cause they’re basically the best crew ever.”He just looked at me with this depressed look. “but L, my mate from squadron office just told me that he’s being posted here.”FUCKWhat followed next were some pretty crazy months. Oh boy. via /r/neckbeardstories

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