Croweders CDC stat. Where is it? Looking for link to study

I am trying to find the CDC study that Crowder often references with his "some 500,000 defensive uses of firearms" (paraphrase) typically this is used in his videos on gun control. I have found articles and things that say that is in the study, but I want the actual study. Does any on know where it is?Yes I have used and know how to use the Google machine (Although Duck Duck Go is better) and I have been at it for 30 minutes now so I'm hoping that you all can get me a pdf, or web page that shows me whats what with this.Thanks guys!Edit: Also I realize I misspelled Crowder's name... Whoops.Edit: It has been found thanks to /u/Hentai_bowtie & /u/DFrogz (similar time of response) link -> here via /r/Firearms

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