[Day 3] My Girlfriend Thinks There Is Nothing Wrong with Fapping

Hello fellow Redditors! I’ve been fapping since I was about 12 and am now 18...It actually became an addiction to me and I used to pray in church to help the lord help me stop(I don’t go to church anymore though)... I would try constantly since then to not fap and it wasn’t until NoFapNovember in 2017 that I was finally able to learn “some control”.All of this fapping, porn, and hentai has made me have so many sexual desires...And I learned I was a sicko from this...My Girlfriend who is now my fiancé is actually really perverted too and sees “nothing wrong” with me being like this. Many times, she has encouraged me to fap and moan for her and yeah you all get the point. I was finally able to take out all of these sexual desires on my Girlfriend last month and now I don’t really feel so horny all of the time anymore...Watching porn all of these years and fapping a lot has truly made me realize how much of a sicko I am...I’ve talked to her about this and she tells me that there is nothing wrong with always fapping and imagining all of these sexual desires and things like a sicko...:I don’t want to do this anymore...I don’t want to be like this anymore... I have better self control now and want to get to the point of never fapping again! I know you can all help me because Reddit helped me when I first started dating my girlfriend long ago to help get rid of my nervousness... via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2GSoAkG

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