Do you guys think I should defend us otakus & gamers especially us mgtow otakus & mgtow gamers like me or do you think I should let them defend themselves & continue doing what I love

Sorry to bring this up in a way this question is for all of us otakus,gamers,final fantasy fan/huge fans & Hentai fans especially mgtow otakus & mgtow gamers due to some some if not most people,girls,women,SJWs & feminists hate us & attack what we love.A another reason why am I some of us mgtow otakus & mgtow gamers do get picked on,bullied & yes I'm including some of us mgtow otakus & mgtow gamers do get shame & shaming tactics by girls,women,SJWs & feminists too as well & yes some of us do get outnumbered.So I'm only asking ahead of time if I ever seeing this going on especially in public if I see the BS you'll understand if you guys think I should even the odds if I'm either strong enough or fast enough I don't mind thanks for your opinions.Thanks for reading,thanks for your time & thanks again for your thoughts ahead of time about dealing with some people & be honest with your opinions if you guys don't mind thanks :). via /r/MGTOW

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