F4A Slutty Sunday

I'm currently looking for a nice person to RP with. (All writers must be 18+ and I am bi f20.)I'd love to hear your own ideas if you have some. I am kinda new at RP so I'd prefer if you lead the RP at first, I'd love someone long term rather than one RP and disappearing.Honestly I do love people that will excite me and be almost limitless/originalFew general ideas but love new ideas. - anime/hentai style - Free use - Milf, motherly, cougar etc. (Fav) - light kink/BDSM - Lesbian (curious) - MxM - BBC - Farm. - Family - Skyrim (favourite.) - Neighbour - Camping - Monsters, beasts and tentacles.I am pretty open minded and will try most things once, I'm detailed, active and creative.Kik is ffayble [Please come with an introduction or more than just hi] via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2vDXCIt

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