F4M Submissive for a literate dominant guy

Hey boys ;3 My name is Nikki and i have been roleplaying for quite a bit now and im in search of a descriptive and literate guy who has almost no limits and would love to star in my roleplay scenarios. My kinks are humiliation, degradation, cumplay, slutty clothes, body writing, master/slave, incest, public/risky, sloppy blowjobs and deepthroats sex and a whole lot more. The only thing i ask of you is that in your first message you tell me about your kinks a bit. Present yourself the best way you can since i get a lot of messages and when i just get a "hi" i usually dont answer. Also if you like hentai that will be a huge plus since its a big turnon for me and i will use it as a reference pic for the characters i will play ;3 Hope to see you soonEdit: Im a dumdum and i forgot to add my kik name whoops.... here it is : kinky_nikki_rp via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2r2Z69q

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