Fan Service and Toxicity and how I see the game. (Minor Spoilers in rant)

I've put in about 45+ hours into my first play through and there are some very positive trends I've noticed in this game that have me really enjoying it and even fewer things I can count on one hand that I can complain about.Let's begin with the obvious: This game's women are great to look at. Many busy designs from our favorite Aegis, Pyra allow her to be appealing to the eyes, whereas Mythra shows a bit more skin and it does really separate their personalities when we look at them critically. Other blades are a bit less risque (Agate for instance), and others are downright 'sneeze and the surprise is out' (Looking at you Dahlia). I have truly enjoyed that characters physical appearances are not made to be the main focus and only occur in an awkward moment here and there IE Mythra and Rex's initial meeting. The fan service is really just there in essence and there are truly in my opinion no ecchi/hentai/downright perverted moments that can eclipse the "one-eyed monster".Now, onto the Toxicity. The anti-sexy movement that is twitter posts have been astoundingly bad for people boycotting this game without actually playing it. They see that the characters are being objectified and never has there been a more ironic moment when we consider that the game is called XENOBLADE IE living weapons. The idea of censoring this game is ridiculous. Would I make any changes? Probably up the rating to mature for the language and the suggestive themes.I do not see characters ever being anything more than themselves, and for someone who has played his fair share of JRPG's for the last 26 years, I can honestly say that I can understand the personality of nearly all characters in the game.I've found myself being more interested in the political struggle of the boy-emperor, the actual creation of core crystals, Pandoria/Zekeinator's relationship, Nia's entire storyline (Welsh accent included), the dual-personality of Pyra/Mythra and the general science of birth, death, and rebirth of blades/titans and their involvement with one another. I was sad to see Roc lose his memory and was blown away by Nia's change. The big thing for me is all the twists keep coming at a believable pace. You feel like you are just as surprised as Rex in all this.T and A asside, the game is good to look at and to play.Do I have any real complaints? Yes. Lip-syncing is not good. The lottery system to get blades is rather frustrating. Tiger Tiger needs a change to let you keep playing without the game logging you out to replay it each time. via /r/Xenoblade_Chronicles

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