[Feedback][Discussion] Quick Khora fixes.

If you haven’t played Khora yet, you aren’t missing much. She is a Mess and does a lot of things poorly. Her whip is a joke, her 2 is terrible as it only works on one enemy unless there walk close enough but if the original one dies they all break the CC. The Kavats only issue is not getting access to the 3 stances while leveling which would be a good QOL change. The kavat doesn’t do enough “damage” has poor targeting, the Healing is mediocre, and honestly I don’t notice anything with the defense buff. Her ultimate is the ultimate letdown. The cage has issues of being around yourself on cast, but also the suspended enemies are as annoying a impact procs.Her whip needs to play better with her snare, the snare (2) should attach to the target, have a larger spread radius but the whip should detonate it and spread it to other targets and maybe even allow those targets to be whipped and spread it further.The kavat needs number and or some AI tweaks, but the ultimate needs much better scaling on range, but the enemies need to be “electrical” proc animated and on the ground(not floating upside down)The ultimate needs to be cast to location similar to other Ults like hydroid/nidus hentai abilities. This would make her less of a burden to play as you could cut off enemy movement at range but also whip those dirty dirty (boys) grineer into shape with even more CC. Khora is asking to be CC and off tank/with some healing but she needs the capacity to do this. Unless a complete rework happens, these are the best changes I could recommend as most are simple changes that could improve her current state without needing a total overhaul and extended development time.Sorry if this has been posted ad nauseum but as someone who has been playing a long time and seen god and bad changes and their impact, Khora needs something, even a bandaid patch. via /r/Warframe https://ift.tt/2Hptt4Q

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