Fertile and Charismatic being exclusive is silly and unnecessary, and makes Sexual Peacemakers literally unplayable. Please add "+leader opinion" to Fertile, or make them non exclusive.

I wouldn't even mind if the + happiness from them didn't stack, or maybe Fertile bonus was weaker, like +10-20. I just don't get it why restrict the perks entirely from each other, surely that meager owner happines bonus wouldn't make species op.I've been playing as Sexual Peacemakers, seeking to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy by conquering, subjugating and geneticaly modifying all species into galaxy sized club that is too busy humping to ever wage wars again.Everything was going well, i've got a nice crib at the edge of the galaxy, quickly vassalized boorish inward perfectionists as my first club members by blowing some orbital kisses and sending in geneticaly enhanced sex squads to subjugate enamour anyone who was into rape-play (it's okay, they liked it, they didn't say safe word after all).Finally, i've got both ascension perks, ready to begin the grand work, only to realise you can't have both fertile and charismatic at the same time, ruining the entire headcanon for main species.This is outrageous, it's unfair, how can you be Fertile and not Charismatic? How can i play without being called beautiful spinx and showered in other Charismatic-triggered compliments every time i open diplomacy screen?TLDR: Please make Fertile and Charismatic non-exclusive, extra 5% happiness to owner pops isn't even that great, let alone reliable to proc. Or just add a bit weaker opinion bonus to Fertile perk. Not getting Charismatic-triggered compliments from diplomacy is sad :/Edit: Fixed some grammar, English is not my native language so it took some time to notice. Meanwhile i had to make a hard decision of making my main species pure leader trait focused to keep charismatic, and ascend them to a few habitats. They were too pure for this cruel world. Prethoryn happened, which led to ubiquitous jubiliation across my worlds as populance was dying for some hentai action. Unfortunately, their fleets just orbit my fortress rim worlds, for some reason hesitant to engage my overeager ground garrisons. via /r/Stellaris https://ift.tt/2qwm6gO

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