Few Unpopular Opinions and Ruminations (An extremely opinionated, narrow-minded rant)

Please, don't take following rant seriously, I just had couple of coffees and this rant basically wrote itself. It's more for a comedic effect. And excuse my english :)Mods ruined TES series. Sure, some of them are really good and fun, but in the long run all they did was damaging the series. If I objectively compare my own experience of playing Elder Scrolls before and after the mods, I was much more invested in actual games before, and had much more fun.I’m not saying mods are bad. Many are undoubtly done really good, and are a result of hard work and creative genius. But they’re like candies, offering instant gratification but harmful and deadly in long run. Also, very addicting and you always need something sweeter and better. My each playthrough now consists of spending 50% of time browsing and choosing mods, 25% getting it to work and then the rest 25% is testing it in game, only to change my mind mid-game and start anew with another mod list. This is a cursed loop since I began using mods.I know now what will many of you say– „Well, no one is forcing you to use mods, just play vanilla lol.“ Easier said that done. There’s a psychological element to it. It’s like when you hate fast travel in Skyrim and decide not to use it in your ultra immersive role play, but you KNOW it’s there and sooner or later you end up using it „just this one time“, because you really don’t have time to walk from Riften to Whiterun tonight and have to wake up early in the morning. So, just the very existence of mods is harmful and cancerous, and it destroys the healthy tissue that is elder Scrolls. It may be buggy and imperfect on its own, but trying to fix it with mods is a double edged sword.I was also big into immersion. Immersive this, immersive that. But where’s the line? When does all that immersiveness reaches the point of ridiculousness becoming a „no fun allowed“ playground? Frostfall is best example, i’m sure everyone knows about it since it’s praised to the Sovngarde as one of the best mods for roleplaying and immersion. In reality, it’s one of the worst. Wanna know why? Because nothing is more immersive then when my Nord, who’s supposed to be genetically resistant to colder weather (at least compared to other races) gets stuck in a blizzard and freezes to death in the middle of a mill near Windhelm, while half naked wood elf nonchalantly walks around collecting chicken eggs. For Shor’s Bones, even I used to walk around shirtless on -10 celsius, it’s really not that big of a deal when you’re used to it.Elder Scrolls games are like my favorite band’s albums. At the time of the release, they almost always leave me dissapointed, only to become another classic as the time goes by. It takes time to absorb all the goodies and realize the value and subtle changes. This is definitely the case with Skyrim, which I used to hate when playing it for the first time in 2014. Not so much with Oblivion. Oblivion still sucks. Which brings me to my second point – Skyrim is better than Oblivion. But Morrowind tops them all. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love ALL Elder Scrolls games. But something about Oblivion just undoubtly makes it.. last on every list. No matter how you look at it. Even Morrowind, a 2002 game, has a better modding scene. Then again, since mods suck i’ll just talk about vanilla games. And Morrowind still beats it. What’s the deal with that atrocious leveling system in Oblivion? How am I supposed to accept a fact that my character, Hero of Kvatch, after shutting down 16 gates of Oblivion and slaying hordes of demons, struggles with a forest bear? And what happened to the citizens of Tamriel, and suddenly everyone became so ugly and stupid? People of all races in Morrowind were smart, deep, even philosophical at times. But in Oblivion.. „Hello. Good and you? See ya.“ Oh yeah, voiced dialogues.Elder Scrolls games have the best combat, with Morrowind being the best again and Skyrim second. Yes, I know everyone hates Morrowind’s combat. It’s boring and unrealistic. I mean c’mon, that sword definitely hit my enemy, didn’t you see that? I definitely pointed towards my enemy and clicked left mouse button, what do you mean „i missed“? What else am I suppose to do? You mean game actually expects me to progress from a weakling to a hero, calculate my character’s build and actually plan a strategy? Y-you mean, there are enemies stronger than me? Obstacle to overcome? I can’t just spam fireballs? What kind of ur-pee-gee is this? By Azura’s Moons, there are no cinematic kill cams and Final Fantasy-like giant katanas chopping off enemy body parts followed by thundering flashing effects? Hey, if you want a hack and slash arcade, there’s plenty of that kind of fish in the murky sea waters of video gaming industry. And no, Elder Scrolls should definitely not have a combat like The Witcher, or Dark Souls. Those games are NOT Elder Scrolls and they suck. Elder Scrolls isn’t a combat simulator, or action game, or an arcade, or a hentai, but primarily an adventuring fantasy open world rpg. In Morrowind, my first character, a 2H war axe barbarian brute, died by two rats while trying to save some female dunmer’s pillows in Balmora. In Skyrim, my first character cleared entire dungeons and enemy camps like it’s nothing. Guess which game had me more invested, excited and ready to learn and conquer. Which brings me to a last point – balance. I hate it. Today everything has to be carefuly balanced, every weapon, every spell, every enemy, every ingredient, every class, it all has to be balanced. Am I only one who thinks that’s boring? Not just Elder Scrolls, but every damn rpg out there. What this actually means is: let’s create a sterile, safe space, boring game carefuly making sure it doesn’t hurt poor player’s feelings by actually providing some challenge. Skyrim’s puzzles are solved by 6 year olds.All in all, Skyrim have grown in my eyes within last year simply because it’s more fun, and the gameworld itself is actually awesome. So I’m ready to admit I was wrong about that. Although I still don’t like the loss of rpg elements and casualization. We don’t need ENBs that turn Skyrim into a Disney/Pixar abhorrent hybrid child, immersive mods telling us when to eat because we’re dumb to know that by ourselves, and freezing our ass on a first cool breeze. We definitely don’t need more „complex“ and „fun“ combat system. What we need is to bring back RPG to Elder Scrolls, stop catering to spoiled casu-els and make it again challenging, unbalanced, weird and non-commercial. And cancel all mods, for Todd's sake. via /r/ElderScrolls https://ift.tt/2Evoklw

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