F/Futa 4 A (A playing F/Futa) - FUTA: A RWBY Hentai Parody

My Kik: MariaForDPPInclude in your message: Some form of effort and acknowledgement that you like most/all of my kink. X3My major kinks are cum inflation, futas, expansion, tentacles, gel girls, celebs (Meg Turney, Jessica Nigri, and Emma Stone being personal faves! ;D), lesbian incest, all-girl/futa worlds, horse/cow anthros, nipple-fucking, lactation, and huge dicks/tits. And I operate on no size limit! ;DMy hard limits are M/Futa or M/M, gore, beast, sounding, feet, cum on me, scat, pain/BDSM stuff (since I want everything to be consensual), sweat, hairy anythings, beasts, and impreg. I'm sure there's more, but this is just the ones that come to mind. :PI love this show and now I wanna do this basic role-play. What I wanna do is play as not only Team RWBY, but the ladies of JNPR as well, and have a sexy sleepover! That's the reason for this to happen. The action comes from the good ol' classic Truth or Dare! That's right! I want these lovely ladies to play, and due to some magic/contrived nonsense, everybody has to answer truthfully or do the dare. No exceptions! ;DOr! Should that not interest you! I'm looking to play out an idea that a current partner of mine suggested, and it involves the lovely ladies of the show, RWBY! Who are gonna be 18+! XDThe basic premise is that we'd split control of the girls we wanna play with, like I'd take Blake and be the only one to control her actions, and we go through their normal lives/events from the show. What's the catch? Well, instead of the traditional fighting, there's gonna be sex combat! ;DBasically, we can go over how their Semblances can convert over to one of a more sexual nature, but the most of the 'fights' will be the people trying to make the other one cum. First one to cum has to get fucked by the winner's cock, which also grow with each victory! For instance, if Yang is fighting Emerald and Yang wins, then she'd grow a cock that's as big as however many wins she has, and she then bangs Emerald some more! ;DUltimately, this is the basic foundation, but I would love to talk and finalize how everything works before we dive right in there! :D via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2qNTRuV

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