Hello lads, it's me the neighborhood autist, posting again. Unlike my other posts (essays?), this will be a short post. I know frame has been discussed extensively, and I don't wanna beat a dead horse, but frame is everything.IntroFrame is one of those abstract concepts that's difficult to put into words. However, it is one of the most, if not most, important components of your personality, character, and presence. Whether you are a jacked 6'2 Greek God who makes 6 figures or a basement dwelling neckbeard Cheetos-crusted fingers video game playing autist, frame matters.BodyWhat I'm about to highlight below is a bit of a Catch-22. There is a spectrum to frame: the higher your SMV, the less you need to maintain frame. This is because when you are that chiseled Greek God, you can afford to let your SMV do the talking for you. However, the point here is that most guys who have high SMV, built a life they're proud of, worked hard, overcame adversity, and succeeded despite all odds, will have a rock solid frame that they developed on their way there.The neckbeard I described above, will have no reason to have a strong frame (unless jerking off to Hentai and beating the latest dungeon in World of Warcraft counts). However, even if this guy has no reason to have a strong frame, if he somehow does and it comes off as authentic, he can still pull girls. The issue here is that he will likely experience massive cognitive dissonance if he tries to come off as a cool, high value guy, because deep down he knows he's done nothing to reach that level in real life (only level 100 in WoW).Frame is EVERYTHINGYour frame will naturally develop as you get further along in your journey. When you work on yourself and do things every day that help build you into the man you want to become and see yourself as, it will get stronger. I used to be the supplicating type (to guys and girls), because I was needy, desperate for people to like me, and did not want to "rock the boat". Why did I do this? Because I had nothing of value to offer myself; this is one of the fundamental problems of "nice guys". Not only do they have no frame, they think they're worth a shit because they're "nice" and that entitles them to a good lifestyle and hot girls. This is "manipulative" behavior (I put that in quotes because girls see right through this).My ExperienceGuys, when you OWN your frame, and I mean really OWN it-you can get away with a lot more than you think you can in life. When I saw posts on this forum about guys who said only operate within your own frame or my version of reality is the only reality, I could not figure out what they meant. This is because everywhere you go, people will shit-test you. Guys and girls will shit test you. If you are in big groups at school, work, friend circle, you will get shit tested, guys will try to AMOG, there will be social pressure. The guys I was describing above, maintain frame in spite of all of these things. When you have a frame this strong, you can get away with saying and doing anything (short of breaking the law you autists), and create the reality you want.I've spoken without a filter, made an idiot out of myself, done "self-deprecating" things, acted blue pill just for fun, pushed the boundaries extremely far with friends, with girls just before hooking up (which we still did), even at work in a professional corporate setting, and people-guys and girls, coworkers, friends, they've all come to respect me even more. When you have this type of frame (which can only be achieved by working on yourself and searching/living towards your highest purpose in life), it doesn't matter what the fuck you say. Some people will despise you, but it doesn't matter, because you live in your own reality. However, most people will respect the shit out of you, because you are seen as a larger than life individual. Think about it, who do you know that speaks without a filter, acts how they want unapologetically, is not faking it (i.e. genuine to their personality), and successful in life?ConclusionThe purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of frame. You should realize how crucial it is when interacting with anyone. Even you will shit test yourself: when you talk yourself out of approaching, taking on that more difficult task at work, studying for your exam, pursuing a new hobby, starting to lift (you have to lift!). You will doubt yourself and your insecurities will get the best of you at times, but the stronger your frame is, the more you will realize that those are simply thoughts-they are not you. Everything starts within your own mind. via /r/TheRedPill

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