FrostSpunk - A Mwark and Plipps love story (The Rebuilding)

With Mwark ripped in twain by Plipps's cogs it was time to rebuild the best Engineer of the frozen Sipstopia. Plippette scooped up the tattered remains of Mwarky Mwark and his funky bits and took them back to the head Engineer's office. As she stomped down the snow laiden streets the wind roared like a nerd mid orgasm whilst watching the new hotness Hentai. Plipps rubbed his chassis against the ice wall in a vain attempt to cull his franctic urge to fuck the coal mine, unbeknown to Head Engineer Flynty his favourite engineer was being carried back by the vaporiferous vixen Plippette, she banged her slender metallic leg against Flynty's shack and dropped Mwark down at the front door.Mwark was dragged inside and like a scene straight out of Robocop (Rights purchased from Turps) Mwark was rebuilt and ready for action, but not how you think. After he was lifted down from the wooden bench Mwark's lenses blinked and his tracks clunked across the wooden floor. Mwall-E was ready to get back out there and complete his everyday tasks.The door swung open and our humpty hero truddled down the snow laided streets to find Plipps.. (to be continued)Written by some fucker behind a keyboard. All rights belong to Flynty Publishing Industries and SipsCo.Special thanks to: Mwark Plippete Plipps Sack via /r/sips

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