(FxM) Long-term, smutty and extreme rp! ❤️

Hiya! To establish, I am a (fem)boy, and I'm open to playing both female and male roles. This post is open to options and I want to hear your optimal scenario! I have ZERO limits, and many kinks, including:Mindbreak, Cock worshipping, Excessive cum, Hyper, Incest, Beastiality, Inflation, Abuse, Size difference, Macro/Micro, and much more! Just ask. I also LOVE using ref pictures, hentai especially!I am relaxed on the structure of the plot, and I'm okay with both jumping into smut or building up with solid plot. Feel free to open up with references and/or ideas! Some favorites:I'm your sister's younger best friend (18+), who is far too endowed for my own good. I constantly tease you when I come over to hang out, almost spending more time with you (and that incredible bulge) than your sister herself. I bump your hip with my fat ass, or reach across you for the remote and press my huge breasts against you...maybe you've finally had enough teasing?A more story-based, mech anime themed roleplay, involving us as two pilot students in the most revered academy on earth. Training is long and arduous, involving obstacle testing and pilot aptitude tests for months and months, even involving intense, cqc combat with another pilot, where victory is rising to the next level against top tier students, and being taught by past graduates and some of the most talented pilots in the galaxy. But, failure is an extensive retraining period that wrings out only the best of the best. We're fellow students who have dreamed of becoming pilots since we were kids, always getting in trouble with out little mech toys that we'd fight each other with. But now is the time to see if we have grown up, or if we can remain even friends through this...(Insert your favorite scene here!)But MOST importantly, I want this to be a place of comfort for you. Somewhere where you can express your deepest desires without fear of judgment or scrutiny. It is something I value above anything else. So go nuts, and be yourself! But don't feel pressured to :)That being said, my Kik is JWsbu Hope to see you there! ❤️ via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2qF7gpp

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