(FxM) Slutty and very naughty fun~

Hiya! To establish, I am a (fem)boy, and I'm open to playing both female and male roles. This post is open to options and I want to hear your optimal scenario! I have ZERO limits, and many kinks, including:Mindbreak, Cock worshipping, Excessive cum, Hyper, Incest, Beastiality/Furries/vore is okay, Inflation, Abuse, Size difference, Macro/Micro, and much more! Just ask. I also LOVE using ref pictures, hentai especially!I am relaxed on the structure of the plot, and I'm okay with both jumping into smut or building up with solid plot. Feel free to open up with references and/or ideas! Some favorites:There was a major accident at the lab, that's all we remember. We woke up beside each other in the hospital, hooked to all manner of casts and tubes. Soon we realize we're healthier than we thought, as well as possessing our own unique abilities...You are the leader of the greatest alien force in the galaxy, and your legion has finally taken hold of earth. No power on the planet can stand in your oppressive wake, and you stand tall above us all. And you've picked me from the crowd for a certain special reason...(Insert your favorite scene here!)But MOST importantly, I want this to be a place of comfort for you. Somewhere where you can express your deepest desires without fear of judgment or scrutiny. It is something I value above anything else. So go nuts, and be yourself! But don't feel pressured to :)That being said, my Kik is JWsbu Hope to see you there! ❤️ via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2r6aq4C

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