[G4A] ERP Paradise

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our ad! I’d like to introduce our group chat... ERP Paradise. ERP Paradise is a group chat where we do sexual roleplays with one another AND talk to each other OOC at the same time. We are very chill and laid back. We end up bullshitting about every day things just as much as we rp.We have no rules about asking to PM, we expect you all to handle that like big boys and girls. That being said, if complaints are made because of PM actions then repercussions are the same as if it occurred in the group.RulesWe try to keep our group chat as easygoing and simple as we possibly can. We allow all members to ERP with anyone in PMs, directly in the group chat or break off into their own private group chat and do stuff there... whatever you want! Just please keep it drama free and be friendly but don’t be creepy. Here are the rules:No spam This includes but is not limited to: bots, promoting other group chats, sending over three hentai pics/videos per hourNo fighting/bullying/harassing of any kind Which means but, again, is not limited to: No rude comments to anyone doing ERP no matter how affectionate or lewd they get. No mocking or talking down about kinks. We all have our things. There's nothing wrong with saying you don't share in it, but no putting people down. We have futas, furries, vampires (I think, at least we did.) So come in as a character or just as yourself, we don't mind either way. But, again, no getting on others for their choices.No irl nudes in the group chat (PMs only, and only if it's asked for. Come on guys, really?), hentai is acceptableIf you would like to invite a fellow sexual roleplayer to the group chat, ask the admin or owner for permission firstBe active. Either directly in the group chat (preferred) and/or by PMing members to RP. We do bimonthly checks to see who is and isn't active.How To JoinIf you are interested, fill out the form below and PM myself or the owner via Kik - Graphicwon -awesome admin Daddylitty69 -decent owner :DGender: Male/Female/Other (if other, please specify)Sexual orientation:Are you semiliterate / literate?:Example of you doing a sexual roleplay: Either a screenshot of one you’ve done in the past or make a quick example. We try to keep our group filled with good, fun, writers. No one likes "moans", "moans louder" or "moans loudest" for responces. We are not elitist, but we appreciate effort. So even if you're new to the ERP world or learning, we'll take you, as long as you're looking to get better.Thanks for reading my stupid long post and we look forward to hearing from and,likely, ERPing with you soon! via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2JuGnLu

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