[gm4a] [lfg] Cybertronica [modern d20]

Firstly I should explain my situation.I am a Professional Game Master, I attend and work at Various Gaming/Tabletop Conventions in California. Either I am contacted directly by the convention's staff members, or I have friends that inform them about me, and I am ask to attend the convention. And I have been doing this for since 1998, so I have over two decades of experience as a Game Master.Sadly this means, I rarely EVER get to be a Player or Participant in the adventures, which is why I have come to Reddit looking for someone who can either collaborate in a World-Building Campaign, or fully take over as GM, so I can shake off all the stress and just enjoy the adventure.My Idea for the campaign is pretty much a combination of Star Trek, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Macross/Robotech, and various other Anime/Hentai series.Using the Modern D20 books, I imagine a Universe where Magic, Aliens, Robots, Cybernetics, Mecha, Cyberspace, Spaceships, and Implants are commonplace, just as Cellphones have become commonplace to us living in this era.For my Character, I imagine a young man, hardened by war, conflict, and the loss of his family, friends, and neighbors in a colony attack. Growing up in the harsh environment and conditions, he quickly enlists in a new Military Branch that takes recruits and offers just about everything from Cybernetics, Implants, Genetic Augmentation Treatment, Power Armor, Advanced Technology, Mechanized Vehicles, Starfighters, Spaceships, just about everything they could ever need.And this New Military Branch is called V.A.A.S. (Variable All-Arena Soldiers). Which means that these soldiers will have the training, the tactics, and the equipment provided for them to handle all engagements, in any type of theater, from Land, Sea, Air and Space. These soldiers are meant to be the frontline of a whole new Military that now expands into deep space, and explores new worlds, while encountering new threats, new life, new organisms. They are to be the Vanguard, the first defense against a Universe filled with endless possibilities, and unknown threats.So basically in the end, I am looking for someone to be the Game Master, while I am the Player, and i would like you to take me through a Universe filled with erotic, kinky, taboo oppositions from all directions. Think Captain Kirk, or Commander Shepard screwing their way through the Galaxy, with ever humanoid species they encounter, while firing phasers, lasers, blasters, and particle weapons at all the nasty disgusting dehumanoid creatures.If you are at all familiar with the Metal Gear Series, it would be a MAJOR BONUS if we could sit down together and create characters with backstories similar to those found in any Kojima ProductionMore about me, in my early 20s I trained at a BDSM Dungeon/Nightclub in Los Angeles called TOXIC, where I learned to become a Dominant (Which has become my AUTOMATIC response whenever anyone mentions kinks, fetishes, sexual paraphernalia, or taboos whenever I am around). And due to this, I have pretty much Experience, Studied, or Witnessed almost ALL Kinks, Fetishes, Taboos, and have come to either enjoy all of them, or not be phased by any of them, EXCEPT for Scat, Vomit, and Furries. I am virtually Limitless when it comes to the topic of sex.Here is a link to the Backstory of the game I have created so farAnd here is my Kink List via /r/TabletopRPGs https://ift.tt/2v3Fqr9

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