Good Boy's New Toys

I am a good boy, a very good boy. All 437 pounds of me are good to mummy. Over time I have accumulated good boy points, saving them without a goal in mind. But one day I had a brilliant idea. I asked mummy if I could use my GBP to buy some new "gadgets" online. She probably thought I meant a console or new monitor, and agreed. What I bought, however is far better than either one.I first purchased for myself a drone with a camera and claw attached, that I can use to monitor the outdoors without exposing myself to the sun. You see, besides mum's fourth New Daddy there are two more Chads in my area, one of whom tried to convince mummy to make me go on an exercise program! I had a clever idea, M'good boys. Every time I sent the drone on Chad patrol I equipped it's claw with a pee jug, and in the first three days hit the fitness Chad down the street! I never got in trouble, as he had no clue the jug came from my drone.My second purchase was a new, larger mini fridge with a top shelve I've reserved for dipping sauces, and the bottom shelf for my dewie. This leads to my third purchase, a heating pad for my food. I set it on a tray next to my battlestation and use it to keep tendies warm for longer while I'm in a particularly intense game, or am enjoying a trip to Hentai Haven, or sites like it.My final purchase was a pair of security cameras I had mummy install outside my door and upstairs in the kitchen. These cameras give me a live feed of what is going on around me, and on top of that, they have motion activated lights. The upstairs camera is angled perfectly so that I can see out into the driveway, and I'll always know if Mummy or Chad are here or not. I also use it whenever I order some tendies from mummy, to make sure she gets started right away.Technology is the future, M'redditors. It was costly and took a lot of work from me, which is why I've lost weight, but think of the long term benefits. With my cameras I can see Chad coming before he gets near my door, which he has a habit of doing. He's gotten in twice before, both times while I was asleep. Now with my camera's warning light I can wake and prepare my defenses before he unlocks my door. By time he gets in I can be well positioned with my katana and a poo jug. I'll chase him out of the room and use my drone's own jug to send him away for good. On top of all that, I can enjoy warm tendies long after they've left the oven, and will always have spare dipping sauces. via /r/Tendies

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