[Group4M/F] Not your average group!

Isn’t it annoying how a lot of group chats have titles like “SEX LEWD ROLEPLAY FUN NO RULES” only to get kicked out for doing something simple like asking anyone if they wanna roleplay? These group chats tend to not live up to their names! That is about to change.Come join our group chat, it’s for everyone who wants to find someone to RP with, whether it’s a lewd one with or without limits, romantically geared one, whatever! While it’d be nice to have no rules whatsoever, I do have to add very few rules that are common sense — just so no one gets pissed.No spam This includes but is not limited to: bots, promoting other group chats, sending over three hentai pics/videos per hour, unless cleared by admin.No fighting/bullying/harassing of any kind Which means but, again, is not limited to: No rude comments to anyone doing ERPs in the group chat no matter how affectionate / lewd they get. Also, if you claim someone in the group chat (which I personally believe is a nonsensical thing to do in a polygamous ERP group chat) and you see another person interacting with them, deal with it elsewhere.No irl nudes in the group chat (PMs only), hentai is acceptableIf you would like to invite a fellow sexual roleplayer to the group chat, ask the admins or myself for permission firstBe activeThat’s basically it for now! If you see a sexy someone in the group chat and you wanna PM them, by all means go right ahead. There’s none of that “ask for permission before PMing someone” stuff.If you’re interested in joining, feel free to PM (on Kik) the group owner - DaddyLitty69 or the group admin - graphicwonWe’d love for you all to join! via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HYevCI

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