Harem/Romance/Ecchi Suggestions?

MALI’m looking for something like [ Hare-Kon ] but nothing cliche like[ To Love Ru ] ,[ Niskoi ] , [ Highschool DXD ] .ONLY MANGA, I have watched all the harem animes that are worth watching so please only recommend me mangaSomething that focuses on the characters and their relationship and some drama. I also don’t like NTR so please revoke from any suggestions with.The relationship starts early on or already, nothing tsundere or to much tsundere. Nothing like Niskoi where they’re all fighting over one, more like they all come together as one.You might ask why not just read hentai doujins but when I read Hare-Kon I thought there must be something similar out there and I couldn’t find any so i’m asking for personal favorites. Hare-Kon does have manys flaws and is still publishing so as I wait for more translations i’d like something to read more of to get my mind of the stupid story please... via /r/Animesuggest https://ift.tt/2H0J4I2

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