"Hey, I hate Berserk lol": An Interesting Perspective On Berserk Fandom and Casca from two women PoC

I am glad I am not the only person who hates their own fandom. I hate the berserk fandom so much ya’ll. The berserk fandom is literally one of the most disgusting fucking places to be in. It is especially disgusting if you have love for Casca.I tell people to not even waste their time with Berserk if they are of color because Berserk treats the poc in the stories like utter shit. The ONLY Black character in Berserk is a rapist pedophile. Did y'all know that or recognize that. Like jeez thanks Miura it’s good to know that you care enough about Black people to have a fucking rapist pedophile represent us in your shitty horror porn novel :/.Anyway, Casca is literally the only woman of color in the novel. The only female soldier. And she is literally used as a plot device to assist in the shitty characterization of two shitty ass dudes.The things that happen to her are straight up overkill, poorly handled, and poorly portrayed.One of the reasons why I hate the new anime is because they sexualize her rape so much. They literally turn it into a tentacle porn scene?????? And in the opening theme song they use scenes of her violation. In the video game they do the same exact thing. Like. In Berserk, in GENERAL, in the manga, in the anime, in the video games, in fanart, in CANON art that is drawn by the authorHer rape.Is used.As fucking fanservice.Everytime she gets assaulted it is treated like porn or fanservice. And she has been assaulted throughout the story not just by Griffith or Guts. Like her rapists rip off her fucking clothes , Guts rips her fucking clothes, and it’s like “oooh look tiddies and ass and pussy”Reply:Like FUCK! The most TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIFYING and invalidating things happen to her and it’s just treated like PORN. I hate googling her name or googling fanart of her because in a world where all I want is some cute or sexy pictures of her , or pictures of her in her prime, all I fucking get are gifs of her fucking rape , or fucking manga caps of her rape, or fanart sexualizing her rape or making fun of it or recreating it and making it look like van Gogh came up with the shitOr fucking hentai manga that CAPITALIZES off of her rape and makes it fucking WORSE. Like Jesus fucking Christ. And then people have the nerve to come on here and say the nastiest shit about her character, saying that she enjoyed her rape or that she even deserved it or blaming her for not being nice enough or for being weak because she loved someone or for being useless.People call her ungrateful for not “appreciating Guts for protecting her” and it’s like yeah maybe shed be more fucking grateful if he didn’t try to fucking????? Rape her??????? And choke her out???? You’d be pretty fucking angry too if the person that was supposed to protect you fucking raped you AFTER BEING FORCED TO WATCH YOU??? Okay??? GET ASSAULTED BY ANOTHER PERSON THAT YOU BOTH TRUSTED WITH YOUR LIVES! Like Guts literally watched Casca. He SAW what she went through. He SAW IT! He fuckin SAW IT yo!!!!!!!! AND what does he do yo???? HE LITERALLY aspires to do the same exact thing to her that Griffith did FOR THE CLOUT!!!!!!!! FOR THE CLOUT!!!!!!!!The CLOUT!!!!!!!!!!! He’s supposed to love her and yet he tries to do to her the same thing that Griffith , the nigga that he supposed to hate , did to her, FOR THE CLOUT?! AND it’s treated like fucking PORN? Are you DEAD ASS?????And then people fucking always always try to be like OH GUTS WAS POSSESSED IT WASN’T HIS FAULT! Are you DEAD ASS? Yo talk to Miura my nigga because in case you haven’t noticed RAPE IS A CHOICE NOT A FUCKING DARK, PASSIONATE DESIRE THAT MEN HAVE AND ARE POSSESSED BY! Y'all gully as fuck.I know that she’s not a real character but the things that she goes through are very real and what she represents is very real and it really makes me wanna vomit how people and the manga treat the things that she goes through.The only reason I’m reading Berserk is because of her because I don’t know what is about to happen to her yet after she wakes up. But I am really this close to not reading the shit anymore. Like set me free Miura. Please set me free because everybody know that the only thing you wanna do to Casca is capitalize off everytime you draw her getting assaulted/dogged out by a nigga. đź–• via /r/Berserk https://ift.tt/2KgxMO0

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