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Hello (Again) I'm 16 and currently in counseling for social anxiety and severe anxiety. I am fully addicted to hentai. Earlier today I was watching Porn (real) and I saw hentai in my recommended. this is weird because I don't use Pornhub for hentai. I couldn't resist checking it out just too see. And holy shit it was awful. a wife gets hardcore raped 3 times and starts crying. I started crying too this was way too far. however, I went on HH later to watch hentai because real porn wasn't doing it for me anymore. when I got there I watched 3 episodes and after I felt sick and hated myself for not being able to quit everything is a trigger. I even started to think real girls acted like hentai girls. my addition is affecting my mental state and I can't stop PLEASE HELP ME I can't talk to my counselor about it because I feel too ashamed also she is an anxiety specialist and doesn't work with addicts of any form. via /r/HentaiFree https://ift.tt/2I0DAwI

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