How I turned weeb and what I am now - My story

What probably triggered it was 6 years ago when I was 9 years old. Back then I admit, I loved My little pony, sigh IK I feel dumb. Anyways I watched it for a few months and I kept it a secret that I was Brony. I watched all of Season 1,2,3 and the movie were they turn into humans xD. That personally made me love animation. I legit stole my cousins mlp merch.When I was 10 I phased out of My Lit"tle" pony. I started watching these other cartoon like Amazing World of gumball, adventure time etc. Damn it was so lit.Around 2-3 years ago I found Weeaboo interesting for some reason. I had a koreaboo friend at the time (holy shit they're annoying). I wanted to be a weeaboo at the time because they seemed cool. So I thought watching cringe Japanese ads, Japanese shows and Japanese movie would make me one. It was all cool but I didn't have a passion for it. I gave up trying to force myself to be one.Few months rolled by and I watched this great movie called teen titans vs justice league. It was really cool and everything, I loved it. At the time I forgot about being a weeb, but the movie probably sparked it. I then thought of watching anime the next weekend. I remember 1 year prior to this I watched this video ( Video is removed now) The video was called "Final Destination: Another [Anime-Serie]". The video was of the death scenes of the people from "Another". Anyways 1 year later, I remember watching this video, so I asked my friend where I can watch anime and he said (pirating site). I watched the "Another" anime overnight and I loved it. It was Dub though. I fell in-love with it. When I finished it I was so sad, so I started searching for horror anime. I came across the Tokyo Ghoul, I loved it a lot but not as much as Another. Few weeks went by after watching lots of anime.I came to the conclusion that I was starting to turn weeb. In my first few weeks of watching Anime. I bought; 2 Tokyo Ghoul posters, Ken Kaneki Figure, Japanese flag 5x3ft). Now on my animeplanet stats I've watched over 2.5 months of anime since then. I've spent $100 on Anime. My most expensive thing is a Rena Ryūgū figure ($300).2 Years later, I've watched over 4500 episodes, have a Waifu (Rena Ryūgū), spent $100s of dollars, and planning of buying a body pillow. Keep in mind I go to school so its quite a lot. I embrace being a weeaboo. My favourite series is Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and my Favourite movie is Your name. I don't plan to stop anytime soon. One thing that also factored me being a Weeb was I just moved to New Zealand at the time and didn't have many friends and was lonely. And even worst my school is a boys only school (PNBHS skip to 0:50). But now I have a few nerdy friends. I am half filipino and I was bullied because I was from there, so I sometimes said I was half Japanese(also half New Zealander ).I'm still called a nerd, weeb a lot. But I don't mind. Anime makes me happy and I love it. I mainly watch Anime, Hentai but I do read manga sometimes. Mainly Marvel comic books. I do play video games sometimes like FARCRY 5 and GTA 5. Rarely nowadays. Funny thing is before I was a weeaboo I was a Slavaboo. Holy shit I was annoying, I loved Russia so much, I still have the flag and ushanka somewhere. And since I go to a boys only school I only have feelings for my waifu. (besides my friends and family).I'm not that kind of Weeaboo whom disrespects the Japanese culture. I personally love the food, art, tradition and culture. I also know a little bit of Kanji. Few years back I learnt Chinese and I was really good at it. Then when I became a weeb many of the words were familiar and wasn't hard to learn. I also have a personal interest in Japanese religion especially Shintoism, I find its culture very interesting (no disrespect). I have a few Japanese friends, most of them don't mind me. I also am not constantly on my computer watching Anime. I'm currently learning Python and fluent in Javascript. I also do a lot of Mountain Biking with friends once a week. And I do take a few hour breaks.Anyways, thanks for reading this. Have a good one everyone! via /r/weeabootales

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