How to turn Trivial Pursuit into an evening of Sexual Exploration.

Tonight my wife and I found a new way to learn about each other’s turn-ons. We had a blast so I thought I’d share what we did:We played Trivial Pursuit.What? Not exciting? Well, i haven’t gotten to the twist. Before the game, I filled 6 envelopes —1 for each category in the game— with slips of paper on which I had written the name of a Pornhub Category.I tried to make the pornhub categories in each envelope somehow related to the game categories. For example, “toys” and “Blow Job” were matched with Sports & Leisure, “Celebrity” and “Anal” matched with People and Places.Each time one of us would capture a pie, that person would draw from the corresponding envelope. Then we would watch 5 minutes of the highest rated video from the Pornhun category on the slip of paper. At the end of each video we would each rate the video on a scale of 1-10. As we were doing this, I realized that this was sort of a Kinsey test for the two of us. Below are the results:Trivial Pursuit Category PornHub Category/ my score/ her scoreSports & Leisure Threesome/7/6 Blow Job/8/7History POV/3/5 Vintage/5/8Arts&Entertainment Hentai/4/3 StripTease/2/2 Music/7/7People & Places Celebrity/5/2 Amateur/3/2.5 Czech/6/5Science& Nature Fisting/1/1 Big Dick/2/2 School/2/1Wild Card Rough Sex/6/6 Orgy/7/6 Popular with Women/9/9After all this porn, at about 5 minutes apiece, we were obviously ready to go, and had a pretty uninhibited evening.There were a bunch of categories we didn’t get to this time, but I have a feeling we’ll do this again. via /r/sex

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