I am a young teen who has "recovered" from PIED, and i want the younger guys to realize that it isn't the be all and end all if you have this.

Preface: i am <18. I have been a porn addict for the last 5 years, masturbating nearly every day. normal porn for the first 3 years, and then extreme porn and hentai for the last 2 (When i say extreme, i mean extreme). I first noticed something was wrong around 5 months ago, but only started trying to fix this about 1 month ago. Newsflash it seems that only 28 days are required for me, and most other young guys online, to sort this out so if you are a young guy with PIED, don't stress however you need to have control over your mind and not masturbate otherwise you'll go back to square one via /r/NoFap https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/8fd4uw/i_am_a_young_teen_who_has_recovered_from_pied_and/?utm_source=ifttt

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