I checked out the "Popular with Women" category on Pornhub and now I have some questions

I'm a guy using a throwaway. I don't know if that needs to be mentioned, but I see other people mentioning it so I thought I would just to be safe. I think I should also mention that I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to sexy things.The other day I was browsing Pornhub and I was a little bored with the whole step-siblings getting caught diddling each other by mom thing, so I lost interest in jacking off and decided to check out something I've never seen before. I always wondered what kind of videos the "Popular with Women" category had, but never looked because I was always preoccupied. "What kind of porn are women into?" I wondered. So I finally decided to go check it out.Now I'm little confused.The "Popular with Women" category, from what I can see, is basically a bunch of hentai and that 3D animated porn, lesbian porn, and the "normal" stuff you'd see on the home page or whatever it's called.First of all, I'm not saying I don't watch the hentai stuff or the 3D animated stuff. I have, and I've definitely watched weirder porn, and I'm not trying to shame anyone. I was just wondering why this stuff seems to be very "Popular with Women." It's seriously like every other video in that category. What's going on?Also, what I thought I would be seeing when I entered the "Popular with Women" category was a bunch of dudes jerking each other off or solo dudes or some wild intense gay porn. But no, it seems that "Women" are "Popular with Women," and not dudes, at least as far as porn is concerned. Women seem to be watching the same kind of porn I am, which to me means they're also jerking it to girls, and not guys.That makes me a little sad.Is it simply because that's the only porn that's available to women? Are men and boys like me gross and unattractive? Am I taking this too personally? Are the "women" on Pornhub actually men pretending to be women? If so, why??? Is this the right subreddit to be asking this kind of stuff?Questions like these have been on my mind for a while, and I was hoping to maybe get some insight or learn some interesting things from here. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's something that's just been in the back of my mind since I last watched porn and I can't shake it off for whatever reason. Thanks for taking the time to read this! via /r/sex https://ift.tt/2qxGaAv

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