I don't even know what to call this masterpiece

Anime bitches, I look at her tiddies Then I take her home and we count up these fifties I come to your city, I sneak in yo chimney I tickle her kidney and then I watch Disney I love me some hentai, I go on XVIDEOS Bitch, I'm Dbangz, stick my dick in your Cheerios Bitch, I'm Dbangz, I might fuck my computer I whip out my dick, then pull up on my shooter I tickle your booty and then I get neutered I know I'm a loser, I tickle your tumor I find me a bitch that got no sense of humor It's Lil Cumstain, I'm the booty consumer I take her off her shoe and then do the maneuver And if she act tough, I might whip out the Luger You know I'm with Kia, I go to IKEA She soft like a cheetah, she from Costa Rica Hey lil' mama, come through, get respected She take off her shoe, I take out my erection I suck on her middle toe, don't use protection Kid call me "Papi", I teach her a lesson I only eat ass, it's a pussy oppression You swear that she loyal, your bitch in my mentions I whip out my dick, paint her face like Picasso I suck on her toes, then I'm out like El Chapo I look at her bootyhole, eat it like tacos I respect on women, she better not swallow She touch on my cockpit, I put it on auto "Suck toes and eat ass!", that's the DBongo motto I cuff me a Kia, then write her a song She take off her shoe and I take off that thong I whip out my dick, she said, "Baby, what's wrong?" "Girl, nothing, I'm bout to smash like I'm King Kong" "Papi go harder", I nutted a while back Bitch, I'm Dbangz, I ball hard like the Wildcats He talking bout Troy, she take out her toy 'Cause my dick was too small for her to enjoy I meet with the mom, yeah, Kia so bomb I whip out my weenie on pornhub.com via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2jglatE

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