I feel better than the other socially marginalized teens

I've even created a list, from most influential to least influential. I am on the top of a made up hierarchy with 5 other colleagues. I am on the top, followed by a kid that draws hentai on the desk, a "nice guy" that treats everyone like shit, a kid without personality that follows everyone around and annoys them and a kid with gasp autism. Yep. Class act. Now hear me out: if this autistic kid was nice and just minded his own business, fair game. The class wouldn't bully him. However, he is always interrupting the teacher, making jokes, yelling when the class is silent and calling people names. His mother is annoying, and thinks that I'm her psychologist, and his dad doesn't even care. Now, back to the main article: I feel good by not being like them. It's a hidden feeling. But I am grateful of the fact that they exist to shield me from the bullying.I mean, why would you laugh at a socially awkward kid when the nice guy is yelling at a girl? Or when the other kid is drawing boobs in his desk? via /r/confession https://ift.tt/2HjxTpZ

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