I found Zelda's Wattpad.

So, I got a Wattpad as a joke to write this meme fanfiction and my friend was following Zelda on Wattpad. Zelda is this crazy ass bitch I posted about a few days ago, if you want this post to make sense and you haven't read it it's in my post history but you'll have to scroll a little, it's titled along the lines of "I hate my 'friend'" or something. Anyways she's following like 69 different Be More Chill and Homestuck people so I gotta protecc my bois, bmc and hs from that crazy ass bitch bc if I don't, I know for a fact she'll write gross hentai rape fics like all the other shit she likes. I have to see her today, please give me a respecc and mash that F button. via /r/teenagersnew https://ift.tt/2KhmI34

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