I hate people who watch anime that always have to tell you they watch anime in some way. (strong language)

Firstly i fucking hate kids with anime profile pictures always having to be reminded of their prescense when that shitty picture pops up in something like discord. They expect people to take their opinion seriously especially when they use a cutout of hentai. They are all fucking clowns why cant they have a blank picture or of something that isnt fucking anime eastern culture has really fucked up 50% of the population and i honestly hate it.And ofc i hate the people who are actual weebs and shit but they are cringe and funny to watch be autistic and you cant take them seriously however i literally just want a world without this. Whats even worse is if it is a female character as most of them are just little kids fapping over to hentai and sitting next to their bodypillow or some shit. Nothing is good enough for this cretinous beings sub human peices of shit. via /r/rant https://ift.tt/2HuGwPz

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