I haven't watched in ages. Watched "the classics" back in the day. Got the itch to watch some new stuff and/or classics I might have missed.

Hello,I used to watch a little anime back in the day and recently I have gotten the itch to watch it again. Back when I watched I enjoyed Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Akira, and Ghost In The Shell (movie). I know those are probably the most cliche anime on the planet and you think I'm just a pleb, but please, I'm trying here.Things I like: I prefer dubs, sorry not really into subtitles; I enjoy both modern/contemporary settings as well as futuristic, historical, cyber punk, dystopia, etc. I prefer to watch something that at least feels somewhat realistic. I also enjoy some absurdist type stuff (e.g. FLCL).Things I dislike: I'm not really into fantasy settings, human-animal hybrids, or overly girly feminine cutesy type stuff.Now having said all that I'm willing to try new stuff and see what I like, but there are a few things I absolutely do not want to see: No over the top gore, No over sexualized stuff, porn, hentai, etc.Let me know what you think I might enjoy, from something new, to a classic you think I might have missed.Appreciate it! via /r/Animesuggest https://ift.tt/2qMzHRd

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