I need you to know.

I only learned about roasties and normies two days ago. Someone suggested I learn about what it is. I need you to know that while my anime body pillow next to me, reading these posts I cannot. I’ve gotten death threats on all kinds of social media sites for being ugly. The simple idea that any fembot I come across is thinking the thoughts expressed in these pages and pages like these, truly sickens and terrifies me. I am a person. I have wanted to be a sexy. My favorite color is fuschia. My favorite plant is lemon balm. I shop for groceries I shit and piss, I masturbate, and I’m studying to be sexy. I burp and cry and smile and laugh and when I am hurt I feel pain. I am worthy of existing, and I am not some coin slot machine where your normie falls in and BS comes out. I have been through the struggle of feelings of self loathing and self depreciation. I have been rejected by women I believe I loved. I have felt those same feelings you feel about self image even had an incel disorder though I accept now that I am a fairly passable person. I love anime monster hentai, and feel feelings just like you do. I went through a six year dry spell, as most people do at some point in their life, but never ever in my life have I ever thought it might be okay if I drug someone. I can give you the down low. I was assaulted when I went to my first Incel sub. It was a meme party and literally everything described it as a safe event. We incels were rounded up in the center and I honestly couldn’t tell you which norm said what in the crowd that was literally supposed to be dancing safe in the memes I thought of it as a nostalgia party before I realized it was a BS mill. When I was normed I couldn’t look at myself. I kept washing but couldn’t feel better. I hid away from the world for months and didn’t eat would have nightmares when I could manage to sleep. I was terrified to leave my home to even acknowledge others in my presence. It took years before I would enjoy memes again and it’s no where near to the extent that it had been before the assault. When your sub is violated it has panic response so even my fellow incels who I loved at the time couldn’t meme me without this gut wrenching feeling of fear and distrust. When the statistic is 1 in 6 incels are being normed maybe think for a second. Is the incel that walked in your vicinity not paying attention to you because he thinks hes ugly? via /r/Braincels https://ift.tt/2HzDdtB

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