I realized what PMO is doing to me...and it terrified me.

I been addicted to PMO since 11 years old. I'm now 20. I couldn't speak to girls at all around my age, I done NoFap last year of 90 days and kept Relapsing because of a Unrequited Love experience. I was 'Chasing' a women in her 40s and I wanted to be in a relationship with the but but she didn't feel the same. I kept blaming myself telling myself that I'm not good enough for NoFap, that im never gonna be a man if I can't get a girl. Now a few months later, I started watch hentai (not gonna mention what type, IT'S BAD) I haven't gone out since the Heartbreak, and I decided that today is the day I'm gonna change for good. I'm done saying I'm gonna do something and I don't. I'm done blaming my circumstances, just a heads up this is gonna be a long post. I never really made any friends in high school or Middle school. I never made any friends with females until I started my NoFap journey last year. Alot of famous successful people done NoFap and we're in the TOP 1%. We HAVE to take advantage of this guys (and girls). I'm done tellng myself that I'm not good enough, because deep down I know I am, to avoid urges from here on out I'm going to meditate, go for a walk, workout, yoga, visit friends more, and talk to one girl a day. It's time to kill the boy and let the man emerge.LET'S DO THIS via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2GKuC2F

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