I'm running a panel on writing erotic fanfiction. Give me your suggestions!

Hello friends,So I've recently been accepted to host a panel at a convention in my hometown this summer. The panel is going to be about writing erotic fanfiction, since that's A) Something that I'm pretty decent at and enjoy and B) A field where there is lots of irritating BWA and I wanted to do something about that!Since participating in this sub for many months is one of the reasons why I decided to apply to run the panel in the first place, I thought I'd ask people here for ideas/suggestions. Like I said, fanfiction is rife with BWA (and BMA too, tbh). I'm definitely going to bring up the following things, but please let me know if you have any other suggestions!The hymen and how it is NOT a freshness seal indicative of virginity. It does NOT have to bleed.Penetrating cervixes and going into a womb/uterus is a specific hentai kink and does NOT occur in real life sex. If they're writing for a specific niche, okay, but I feel like many people have no idea it's not a common thing in real life.It's common for women to not be able to cum from penetration alone. Obviously in fanfiction there's a bit of room for suspension of disbelief, but it's nice to actually bring up the clitoris in your writing sometimes.Are there any other things that commonly crop up in fanfiction (or fiction of any sort) that need to be addressed?Also, if anyone knows an active fanfiction subreddit where I could ask for more feedback, let me know and I'll be super appreciative. :) via /r/badwomensanatomy https://ift.tt/2HmPv4a

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