In an Amazon world

Due to a great war that brought magic and mystical creatures back to our world there are few men on earth and more girls are born than boys as such women took over. Having a male either as a son,husband or a servant made you someone of great influence as males were sought after due to the low amount of them. Many schools were built to teach how to use magic, tame mystical creatures and a few on how to find and capture males they find in alleyways of Tokyo to even making it a sport where males are taken to an arena where if they avoid capture by the girls they go free though none of due to it being rigged.I am Michael one of the few survivors of the war and a lone male that lives on a island close to Japan full of dragons of different types. From sky dragons to sea, fire to earth and the rarest ones thunder, lightning, light and darkness. One day i see a group of girls coming from a school to learn about them while also with a group from a capture school that has heard rumors about me. The rumors speak of a man who was raised by the mother dragon on the island and is the very definition of wild(which isn't true). This is where my life would change from living on the island to going to Japan's school of magic and mystical beast taming.You will rp as more than one character so you have to be ok with that.There will be hentai but its not the main focusMy kik is shadowk1ng via /r/Roleplaykik

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