Is Noble Senpai Actually Richard Johnson?

    Some may argue that Noble is the real name of Noble Senpai from Lost Pause. With suggested names including Harry Noble, Noble Hentai, Noble Oppai, and Jelly Filled Noble. Many bizarre names can be found all over twitter and other social networks. Most are obvious jokes while others appear to be suggestions of new names for Senpai. Out of all the names I have seen, Richard Johnson appears to be the only one that could be considered a real name.    Admittedly, the name Richard Johnson is connected to a joke about Noble being named after the rocket in the second Austin Powers movie, but it is still the most realistic name that I have seen so far. If Noble Senpai is named after that part of the male anatomy it would explain why he is too embarrassed to reveal his real name to his youtube fans.So I ask you: Is Noble Senpai actually Richard Johnson? via /r/u_HelpFindEvilTwin

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