Is there a way to request more tags be added to the website? These ones specifically.

Can we please add at least two tags to the website. I've always had a kink for rape porn/hentai. It's my favorite type of hentai. But one theme that has ALWAYS annoyed me was when the non-con hentai either ends with the person getting their "mindbroken" and becoming a sex-crazed sex slave to some arrogant asshole, or it just ends with the rapist "winning," and the person who got raped is "broken" in some way.I spend hours searching for rape hentai that doesn't have those themes. Usually it involves either the person who got raped getting revenge, killing their assailant, or otherwise turning the tables like...This... This... maybe the person gets saved from their rapist like this... tag could be called something like "rape karma" or just "karma" to signify that the rapist gets their "just desserts" in the end ("Just desserts" would also be a good name for it). Adding something like that would be AMAZING!!!The second tag I would like added would be something like "Stockholm syndrome." Where the person who gets abducted, raped, or molested in the beginning ends of growing GENUINE romantic feelings for their assailant. Again, not talking about the billion stories where the victim becomes a sex crazed drone at the end. I'm talking about stories where the assailant is "likable" and the victim ends up falling for the assailant at the end. Like Beauty and the beast orThis... this hentai..., adding a tag like this would save me so much time in terms of searching. I spend hours a night trying to find rape hentai that don't fall into that cliche category that 90 percent of them fall into. Thanks for your consideration! via /r/nhentai

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