Issue with an IDP.Generic threat

Hello there, I'm having a bit of a trouble with a website. Each time I go on the website (Hentai Haven) Avast tells me a threat has been detected, when I click on "open the quarantine zone" well... there's nothing, it only gave me a folder one time and that's what doesn't makes me feel good > C:\Users\Fireeagle\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewerThe thing is, I moved my appdata to D:\ (HDD) and even after uninstalling teamviewer and deleting this precise folder, Avast told me once more that a threat was stopped and put in quarantine zone but... nothing there.Since I used to go there with no problems I beleive it's a false positive, but if you have any sort of though share them with me please. I'm just avoiding the site for now since it happens ONLY when I click to a video page.Thanks for any future help via /r/avast

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