I've never been in love (help?)

Hello, I am 16yo, male, and I have never thought about a girl in that way. People are bullying me saying "hurr durr you're a virgin lol" and when I try to counter that with "I don't wanna have a girlfriend" it just makes me look even more like a hentai fapping loser. Honestly I do want a girlfriend and somebody I love in life, but I've never really met a girl that I want to be my s/o. Part of that may be because I rarely see girls (I'm an introvert, there are like 5 girls to 100 boys in my school).It really feels like something is missing in my life, like I'm a hollow soul because I don't love anyone and I've started thinking to myself what consequences there would be if I killed myself, but I'm not suicidal.Should I be worried about getting a girlfriend or is this normal? via /r/teenagers https://ift.tt/2qLoEI7

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